Moral Inspiring short stories on positive attitude

Keep a positive attitude

A tree was overgrown with beautiful fruits. Because of its beauty and richness, birds were more likely to live on the tree. The tree was also happily sheltering and feeding.

The tree was also doing its job of providing shade to the wanderers. So the tree was getting the blessing of the people passing by.

So there was always happiness near the tree but over time, The tree is proud of this and And he began to think that there was no other tree-like him He had the illusion that “I was the best of all trees”.

After some time, the tree stopped flowering and the leaves started falling off. Because of the lack of shade, people could not stop, and because of the lack of fruit, birds could not live. The tree felt bad.

He asked a man passing by, “I have served everyone all my life, but in my old age, why don’t anyone look at me?” Some people are even planning to break me.

The man said, “O king of trees, change your way of thinking, this body of yours which has been working for the welfare of the people all your life will be useful even after your death. Your wood will be of great use to man. Even after death, you will be remembered forever.

So change the way you look at your death. The tree was glad to hear this and decided not to grieve.

Moral of the story: If you look at anything in a positive light, you will notice the good things in it, but it is also possible to be harmed by negative thinking. positive attitude

The greatness of the king

Bhojaraja was a noble and religious king. Many stories of his generosity were famous in other states as well. It was for these reasons that it became a place of worship for the majority of the people.

Raja Bhoj once began to feel uneasy. The king called doctors but could not cure the king. Raja Bhoj immediately invited his Diwan and told him, I can die anytime.

When you take my funeral to the cemetery, color my one hand white and the other black. Take those two hands as it is so that everyone can see them.

This wish of Bhoj Raja seemed very strange to Diwana. He asked, “Maharaj, why are you telling me to do this?”

The king said, “Everyone will know by looking at my empty hands whether it is the king or the beggars all go empty-handed. The characteristic of white and black is that what goes with a person is his good or bad deeds.

All I want to say to you is to do good deeds and good deeds from birth to death. ”

Moral of the story: Good deeds and good conduct should be maintained from birth to death.

positive attitude
positive attitude

Kaka Kalelkar

Kaka Kalelkar was a great thinker and writer. His thinking was deep and comprehensive in every subject. Once uncle fell ill. As soon as the news of his illness became known, many friends and well-wishers came to visit him.

Uncle used to visit everyone with great intimacy. One day some of his friends came to visit his uncle.
During the discussion, Kaka Kalelkar got a call from another friend. He asked Kaka Kalelkar, “I heard you were sick, how do you feel now?”

Kaka Kalelkar said, “Yes, I was a little sick, but I’ve been feeling better since I was newly examined.” Uncle then said, “I have stopped thinking about the disease and this option has proved to be a cure for my disease.

If a guest stays longer because of good hospitality, he will be treated differently, that is, he will be treated in the same way as he treats his family.
I have the same idea about the disease. “Everyone, including friends, agreed on his uncle’s new treatment.

Moral of the story: Anxiety increases stress more than illness. So try to take any physical discomfort with positive attitude.

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